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Fees & Billing Policy

By registering as a Seller, you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.
This agreement may be changed or added to at any time.
The new or changed terms will automatically be effective 30 days after they are initially posted.
Fees are charged based on the final dollar amount for each individual order that a seller receives during a monthly billing period. All Fees are calculated and paid in US Dollars (USD).

The seller fee is 3% of the Order Total.
Billing Cycle:
Seller bills are generated on the 5th of every month with a due date to pay by the 20th of the month. After billing is processed, sellers have until the bill's due date to submit payment. If payment is not received by the due date, the amount of your bill will be considered past due. Once an amount is past due, some site features will be limited. If payment has not been submitted by the following billing period all selling privileges will be revoked until payment is submitted. Revoked privileges for overdue fees will be automatically reinstated once payment is submitted. If an amount has been overdue for 2 months, however, you will need to contact Customer Support to get your selling privileges reinstated once payment is submitted.

Bills are only generated if the amount owed is greater than $10.00 USD. Total fees less than $10.00 will continue to carry over to future billing cycles until the minimum is met.


Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Service2023-09-28 17:30:30