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Last Stand -=- Bit Packs
LSC-IND005 Levers - Spin Wheel
Item # 1276
LSC-IND009 Gauges - Hoses
Item # 1283
LSC-IND007 Spiral Stairs
Item # 1277
LSC-IND011 Industrial Rail Steps
Item # 1279
LSC-CRY001 Crystals Translucent Green - Small
Item # 1285
LSC-CRY002 Crystals Translucent Green - Large
Item # 1286

General News

Buy and SELL your BITz

Buying: Find items using the tools to the left. Add bitz you would like to a project. Under Projects at the top, you can find sellers who have all the bitz you need for a project.

Selling: After signing up you can open your own store. Your bitz can be up for sale in minutes. View your Settings page to control all aspects of your store. Add inventory one bit at a time or a whole box with one click.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, need help, or just want to say hello... drop us an email at

New Additions

May 27th:
Last Stand sent us this weeks new releases!
Look for more Wizarding and Pipe new releases next week.

40k -=- Chaos Space Marines
CSM Terminator Lord: Shoulder Plate - eye
Item # 120
Chaos Space Marines Transfer Sheet (2013)
Item # 95
Aspiring Champion: Head with two stacked skulls
Item # 13
Aspiring Champion: Head with skull and tag
Item # 10
CSM Squad: Backpack - hoses
Item # 53
Helbrute: Arm - left arm assembly power fist
Item # 140

40k -=- Blood Angels
Sanguinary Guard: Legs - jumping off skull
Item # 567
Blood Angels Upgrade: Torso Front - rippled chest plate and winged blood drop emblem
Item # 679
BA Terminator Assault: Left Arm E
Item # 864
Blood Angels Upgrade: Shoulder Plate - winged blood drop and SANGUINIUS band
Item # 677
BA Terminator Assault: Storm Shield - winged blood drop
Item # 844
Death Company: Shoulder Plate - winged blood drop with the wings extended from shoulder and hanging chalice
Item # 785

40k -=- Space Marines
SM Tactical Squad: Flamer
Item # 516
SM Command Squad: Shoulder Plate - skull and laurals
Item # 741
SM Tactical Squad: Leg - E
Item # 443
SM Tactical Squad: Missile Launcher - mechanical reloader backpack
Item # 515
SM Tactical Squad: Hand Holding a Grenade
Item # 521
SM Tactical Squad: Missile Launcher - arms and weapon
Item # 520


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