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40k -=- Space Marines
Terminator Captain: Boltgun
Item # 436
SM Tactical Squad: Startburst with center ball Banner Topper
Item # 542
SM Command Squad: Weapon Arms - vented bracers
Item # 694
SM Commander: Banner
Item # 647
SM Tactical Squad: Shoulder Plate - ribbon and hanging icon
Item # 457
Venerable Dreadnought: Armor Plates - plain
Item # 319

General News

Buy and SELL your BITz

Buying: Find items using the tools to the left. Add bitz you would like to a project. Under Projects at the top, you can find sellers who have all the bitz you need for a project.

Selling: After signing up you can open your own store. Your bitz can be up for sale in minutes. View your Settings page to control all aspects of your store. Add inventory one bit at a time or a whole box with one click.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, need help, or just want to say hello... drop us an email at

Jan 6th: Site ready for launch

New Additions

Feb 10th:
Mangler Squigs
Bad Moon Loonshrine

Feb 5th:
Rockgut Troggoths

Feb 2nd:
Dankhold Troggoth
Squig Herd

Feb 1st:
Sneaky Snufflers

Jan 31st:
Skragrott the Loonking

Jan 30th:
BA Terminator Assault

Jan 29th:
Death Company

Jan 26th:
Space Marine Command Squad
Blood Angels Upgrade
Blood Angels Company Command

Jan 23nd:
Space Marine Commander

Jan 22nd:
Sanguinary Guard

Jan 20th:
Start Collecting: Space Marines
Space Marine Tactical Squad

Jan 19th:
Space Marine Terminator Captain
Deathwatch Watch Captain in Terminator Armour

Jan 15th:
SM Venerable Dreadnought
Deathwatch Kill Team
Start Collecting Deathwatch

Jan 14th:
Kill Team Cassius

Jan 13th:
Corvus Blackstar

Jan 11th:
Deathwatch Upgrade
Watch Master
Captain Artemis

40k -=- Blood Angels
BA Terminator Assault: Rope with icons and seal
Item # 880
Sanguinary Guard: Fist
Item # 577
Sanguinary Guard: Torso - blood drop and laurals chest plate
Item # 580
Death Company: Chainsword - ribbon on blade and purity seal on arm
Item # 810
Death Company: Shoulder Plate - blood drop skull over a ribbon that flares off the sides
Item # 776
Sanguinary Guard: Legs - winged blood drop shin guards
Item # 569

40k -=- Deathwatch
Kill Team: Torso - back torso half with cloak
Item # 353
Jetek Suberei: Torso with Power Sword
Item # 287
Kill Team: Legs - skull on right leg
Item # 375
Antor Delassio: Arm with Hand Flamer
Item # 262
Drenn Redblade: Arm with Close Combat Dagger
Item # 284
Kill Team: Shoulder Plate - salamanders
Item # 404

40k -=- Bases
40mm x 75mm Oval Base
Item # 250
40mm round base
Item # 96
Large Aircraft Flight Stand
Item # 219
60mm Round Base - Broken Earth with bullet shells
Item # 351
50mm Round Base
Item # 1065
35mm x 60mm Oval Base
Item # 904


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