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Last Stand -=- Wizarding Workshop
LSC-WIZ003 Candles - Modest Candelabra Set
Item # 1291
LSC Potions: Large Bottle - Tansparent Green Flared
Item # 1217
LSC Potions: Large Bottle - Tansparent Green Short with ring
Item # 1213
LSC Wizarding: Tabletop Candle - single wick fat pillar candle
Item # 1247
LSC-WIZ002 Candles - Tabletop Candle Set
Item # 1292
LSC Wizarding: Iron Candelabra - large 7 candle
Item # 1239

General News

Buy and SELL your BITz

Buying: Find items using the tools to the left. Add bitz you would like to a project. Under Projects at the top, you can find sellers who have all the bitz you need for a project.

Selling: After signing up you can open your own store. Your bitz can be up for sale in minutes. View your Settings page to control all aspects of your store. Add inventory one bit at a time or a whole box with one click.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, need help, or just want to say hello... drop us an email at

New Additions

May 27th:
Last Stand sent us this weeks new releases!
Look for more Wizarding and Pipe new releases next week.

Last Stand -=- Industrial
LSC-IND004 Levers - Mix Pack
Item # 1275
LSC Industrial: 10mm Pipe - bolted porthole - back cut out for pipe
Item # 1271
LSC Industrial: Safety Railing - Long
Item # 1222
LSC-IND010 Gauges - Ticks
Item # 1281
LSC Industrial: 10mm Pipe - pipe coupling bolted on stand
Item # 1258
LSC Industrial: Valve Handle - 6mm Tear Drop Handle
Item # 1171

Last Stand -=- Bit Packs
LSC-IND011 Industrial Rail Steps
Item # 1279
LSC-IND010 Gauges - Ticks
Item # 1281
LSC-WIZ004 Candles - Iron Candelabra Set
Item # 1290
LSC-IND001 Valve Handle - Mix Pack
Item # 1272
LSC-IND005 Levers - Spin Wheel
Item # 1276
LSC-IND002 Valve Handle - Tear Drop handles
Item # 1273

40k -=- Blood Angels
25mm Round Base
Item # 251
BA Terminator Assault: Medalion - shield with chalice over ribbon
Item # 884
Death Company: Shoulder Plate - three blood drops over ribbon that flares off the sides
Item # 789
Death Company: Shoulder Plate - blood drop and hanging bullet
Item # 779
Death Company: Torso - skull and cross bones and chalice belt buckle
Item # 765
Death Company: Thunder Hammer
Item # 807


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